Assisted Independence is committed to the sound delivery of Recreational Therapy supports. Our Recreational Therapists are trained professionals, working towards a common goal of helping others reach independence. By joining our team, you have joined the mission for individuals we support to live active and healthy lives at home and in the community. Our vision is “one day, people will be able to access Recreational Therapy through public and private health insurances, prescriptions, primary and secondary educations, local parks organizations, corporations, and philanthropies”.

The Recreational Therapy Position Manual is designed to help our Recreational Therapists, as well as individuals supported, navigate the wonders of Recreational Therapy in the home and community-based Indiana Medicaid waiver system. We hope your questions can be answered by referring to this guidebook. On behalf of the entire team at Assisted Independence, thank you for the dedication in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.

Please download and save the Position Manual below!

Assisted Independence – Recreational Therapy Position Manual