Our Team

Nathan Red, C.T.R.S.
Owner, Founder, President, Recreational Therapist, Direct Support Professional


Denisa Brooks, M.S. C.T.R.S.
Director of Recreational Therapy, Indiana University

Denisa currently works in Franklin, IN. Denisa has led projects in adaptive sports grant writing for the community of Columbus. Denisa oversees the recreational therapy department.

Elizabeth Terry, C.T.R.S.
Recreational Therapist, Indiana University

Elizabeth currently works in Muncie, IN. Elizabeth is a strong advocate of people with disabilities, using her experience to raise awareness to the general public.

Kade Patterson, M.S. C.T.R.S.
Recreational Therapist, Indiana State Univeristy, Indiana University

Kade currently works in Greenwood, IN. Kade is a military veteran who has dedicated his life toward the support of others.


Bethany Pastrana, C.T.R.S.
Recreational Therapist, Indiana University

Bethany currently works in the Porter, IN area. Bethany is an experienced recreational therapist with youth at risk, mental health, and developmental disabilities.

Mary Corpe, C.T.R.S.
Recreational Therapist, Indiana University

Mary currently works in the Valparaiso, IN area. Mary is an experienced recreational therapist with youth at risk, mental health, and developmental disabilities.


Gabrielle Burress, C.T.R.S.
Recreational Therapist, Indiana University

Gabrielle currently works in Indianapolis, IN. Gabrielle has worked in home and community based services settings, hospitals, and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) centers.

Priscilla Laird, C.T.R.S.
Recreational Therapist, Indiana University

Priscilla currently works in Bloomington, IN. Priscilla is familiar with many aspects of Medicaid waiver supports, as she also does work in the residential settings.


Andra Raney, LPN

Andra assists our administration in training Direct Support Professional staff in the area of medication administration. Andra’s diligence and passion help others serve our patients with thoroughness and accuracy.


Noah Goble
Direct Support Professional, Corporate Compliance Officer

Noah works in Columbus, IN. Noah is active at the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Columbus and is dedicated to supporting others.


Charles Sims
Direct Support Professional, First Aid/ CPR Instructor, Indiana Wesleyan, M.S.

Charles currently works in Columbus, IN. Following years of work as an Emergency Medical Technician, as well secondary education teacher, Charles has found an opportunity to support individuals with down syndrome.


Ebony Okuleye-Ash
Direct Support Professional, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus

Ebony currently works in Columbus, IN, where she is also employed as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher for BCSC. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from IUPUC in Elementary Education. In addition, Ebony serves on the National Down Syndrome Congress.



Linda Cravens
Direct Support Professional, Indiana University

Linda attended Ball State University as an undergrad. She later obtained her master’s in business education through Indiana University. Linda now dedicates her time towards helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With 1 in every 59 children being diagnosed with Autism, Linda has been a huge help at assisting the lives of these individuals.


Tim Erney
Direct Support Professional

Tim is an aspiring Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) in the process of earning his bachelor’s degree. Tim’s faith drives his dedication towards assisting those with all abilities.



Norma Mendez
Direct Support Professional

Norma has 17+ years experience supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Norma works part-time with Assisted Independence, while also working through the local school system. Norma’s tenure is unmatched. Norma is reliable, trustworthy, and thorough. Norma’s care and compassion for the individuals she supports is strong, as she has built strong bonds. Norma is fluent in English, American Sign Language, and Spanish. Her organization and time management skills are exceptional!

Hannah Jenkins
Direct Support Professional

Hannah is a student at Indiana University Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC). Hannah’s supports are appreciated greatly by those she assists. Hannah is an eager, young, professional. Hannah has been a great asset in helping lead a change for individuals of all abilities to thrive.


Payton Koontz
Direct Support Professional

Payton is a student at University of Southern Indiana. Payton is on her way to becoming a dental hygienist. Payton is also an avid horseback rider. Payton’s advocacy for the individuals she supports is impeccable.



Kymber Perkins
Direct Support Professional

Kymber is dedicated towards supporting individuals with Autism. Kymber is attentive, showing a strong desire to help others.



Kathy Newland
Direct Support Professional

Kathy is works in Columbus, IN. Kathy is a joy to be around, as she puts a strong effort into assisting those with Autism.



Sharon Smith
Direct Support Professional

Sharon works nearly everywhere. There is no person more dedicated towards helping others with Autism. Sharon is an expert in communication for individuals with Autism. In fact, Sharon founded the non-profit Sharon’s Web Autism Foundation. Her heart is as big as a lion’s.

Jacob Stephens
Direct Support Professional

Jacob currently works in Indianapolis, IN. Jacob is proven to fight through adversity, assisting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.