5. Provider Complaint / Grievance Reporting Procedure

5.1. It is the policy of Assisted Independence LLC to treat all individuals and their families with fairness and professionalism and to strive for  excellence in providing supports. Our policy provides individuals and their families or legal guardians with the opportunity to express a problem or grievance related to the quality of supports.

5.2. Assisted Independence LLC has designed its grievance procedure to provide a means for those applying for our supports and individuals receiving supports to bring a grievance to the attention of Assisted Independence LLC and reach a quick resolution.

5.3. Assisted Independence LLC has a strict policy prohibiting retaliation in any form against anyone who files a grievance, nor will future supports be denied. Grievances will not result in any retaliation or barriers to supports by any owners, directors, officers, agents, employees, contractors, or subcontractors to an individual receiving supports as a result of any formal complaint made by an individual receiving supports.

5.4. To protect an individual’s rights and enable an individual to exercise the individual’s rights, Assisted Independence, LLC. shall do the following:

5.5. Provide an individual with humane care and protection from harm.

5.6. Provide supports that:

5.6.1. are meaningful and appropriate; and

5.6.2. comply with: standards of professional practice; guidelines established by accredited professional organizations if applicable; and budgetary constraints; in a safe, secure, and supportive environment.

5.7. Obtain written consent from an individual, or the individual’s legal representative, if applicable, before releasing information from the individual’s records unless the person requesting release of the records is authorized by law to receive the records without consent.

5.8. Inform the individual and/or the individual’s guardians of the definition of a formal complaint: grievance.

5.9. Make complaint procedures readily available and understandable to individuals supported.

5.10. Document all formal complaints received.

5.11. A grievance is defined as any situation or condition that an individual supported thinks is unfair, unjust or inequitable. To explain further, the following examples are provided; An employee of Assisted Independence LLC uses language that is not person-first. An employee of Assisted Independence LLC is late for scheduled work. An employee of Assisted Independence LLC does not communicate in a timely manner. Please note that a complaint can be filed for any reason. The complaints listed above are only examples.

5.12. Under the Grievance Reporting and Procedure, you should submit a grievance in the following sequence.

5.12.1. Informal Complaint- The individual and family are encouraged to discuss grievances with the direct employee that is providing support to the individual receiving support. If the employee cannot resolve a grievance, the employee shall inform the individual of the grievance procedure and inform the Corporate Compliance Officer about the grievance.

5.12.2. Formal Complaints- An individual can bypass the Informal Complaint with the following options of action; Utilizing our website to file a grievance by visiting www.assistedindependence.care/contact. Completing in writing a Complaint Form and mailing to Assisted Independence LLC. The Complaint Form and return envelope with postage can be found in the Individual Intake Packet at the site of service delivery. Contacting the Corporate Compliance Officer directly, either through emailing or phone. (See contact information below). Completion and mailing of the Annual Survey of Individual Satisfaction.

5.12.3. As always, Assisted Independence LLC continues to be available to speak to the individuals, and their families, receiving supports in the event the complaint requires immediate attention. If necessary, a meeting can be requested with the Corporate Compliance Officer, individual receiving supports and/or the individual’s receiving supports parent/guardian, and the individual with whom the complaint has been filed against. A Complaint Form will be completed for record keeping purposes.

5.12.4. The DDRS Policy Manual lists these classifications of complaints; Urgent- An immediate or direct serious adverse effect on the health, rights or welfare of an individual; If an urgent compliant is by someone other than the guardian the guardian shall be notified within 24 hours, if applicable. Critical- An indirect threat on the health, rights or welfare of an individual; and If a critical complaint is by someone other than the guardian the guardian shall be notified within 24 hours, if applicable. Non-Critical- Threats less than those described above.

5.13. Once the grievance is received, Assisted Independence LLC will initiate an investigation within two (2) business days.

5.14. Assisted Independence LLC will provide in the individual’s usual mode of communication

5.14.1. acknowledgement of reception of the complaint to the individual who filed the complaint within seven (7) business days
5.14.2. The rights and responsibilities of each party
5.14.3. the individual’s constitutional and statutory rights by the BDDS; and
5.14.4. the complaint procedure established by Assisted Independence, LLC for processing complaints.
5.14.5. The availability of advocates or other assistances.

5.15. Necessary actions to handle and resolve the complaint might be with or without third-party affiliates, including, but not limited to, attorneys, law enforcement officials and state appointees, who may be necessary for external review.

5.16. Assisted Independence LLC will report potential resolutions of the complaint investigation to the individual within fourteen (14) business days after complaint is received. If it has not been possible to gather the necessary information that would lead to a resolution by fourteen (14) days, the individual will be notified and given a new date, up to thirty (30) days, by which a resolution or determination will be made.

5.17. If for any reason the individual is not satisfied with the proposed resolution, you may contact the Corporate Compliance Officer to further discuss the grievance. Assisted Independence LLC will conduct a review of the matter and will respond in writing within ten (10) business days. The Corporate Compliance Officer decision and recommendations will be final.

5.18. All individuals receiving supports through the Assisted Independence LLC have a right to request a change in Direct Support Professional (DSP) employees, Recreational Therapists, or any person directly providing service to an individual. All individuals receiving supports through the Assisted Independence LLC have a right to change service providers at any given time. For more information about changing providers, please contact the individual’s Medicaid Waiver case manager.