For each individual, you will need to upload an Intake Form when you begin working with them. You will then need to upload an Assessment, Rights Assessment and Treatment Plan for each individual annually. These documents need to be uploaded to the BDS online portal.

Step 1: Login to the Bureau of Disabilities Services (BDS) online portal.

Step 2: Go to the individual’s personal profile.

Step 3: In the top, select “Documents”.

Step 4: On the top right side of the screen, select + Upload Document. This pop-up screen will appear.

Step 5: For File, select the document you are uploading. The file must be in PDF format.

Step 6: For the Month/Year, select the Month that the document was completed.

Step 7: For Category, select Provider Reports. It will then have a dropdown of Sub-Types. Select Recreational Therapy and click Upload.



Step 8: A pop-up window will appear ensuring you want to upload the document to the specific to the individuals profile. Select Confirm.